Certified Organic Vegetables, Herbs, Soups, Dressings, Salsa, Pasta Sauce, Jams

 Organic Farm at Bear Creek

Family Farm Est 2004

Thank you for buying local and organic

As a small, local, family business we appreciate your business and your appreciation of good healthy food.   Our signature line of products are made with the amazing vegetables and herbs we grow on our farm.  Fresh from the farm field to your table.  Enjoy!!

Our farm was the recipient of the 2015 Slow Food Cincinnati Snail  Approval

For  our contribution to quality, authenticity and sustainable food.  We  believe in good, clean and fair food

  • We are committed to sustainable practices 
  • Vertically integrated - everything on the farm - everything by the family
  • Seed to Plant to Field 
  • Field to Process toPackage
  • Package to You

For customers who understand that not all food is created equal, the Organic Farm at Bear Creek is the premier local vegetable-based farm

that grows and delivers 100% traceable certified-organic produce with an unwavering dedication to the local community, a passion for the

well being of local families and the convenience of delivery,

so that you can feel proud about your produce choices while contributing to the success of your community. 

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek is a 51 acre family run enterprise located in Washington Township, Clermont County, Ohio.  The farm is owned and operated by Jeff and Sandra Ashba and Darrick, Libby and Dalton Massey, it is a USDA certified organic operation with an Ohio Department of Agriculture licensed and inspected  cannery where amazing ingredients fresh from the field are processed into salsas, soups, sauces, dressings, jams and herbal teas all of which are certified organic by

OEFFA and carry the USDA seal. 

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