Direct Buy Group

What it is/  What you get:

  • Fresh, seasonal, local, certified organic produce, our signature line of products; soups, salsas, dressings, jams, pasta sauces, delivered to your door.  You deal directly with us, the farmer/food artisan - we grow the produce and make the products on the farm.  No middle man, no third parties!
  • The Direct Buy Group is our version of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  You have access to certified organic seasonal product and our soups, jams, dressings, sauces, dipping oils, fresh and dried herbs.
  • Fresh produce will vary as the season progresses and will include gourment mix lettuce, spinach, kale, collards, green onions snap peas, green beans, chard, carrots, beets, summer squash, zucchini, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes.
  • Amazing ingredients fresh from the farm are used in our soups, salsas, dressings, jams, pasta sauces, and snack bars.
  • How it works                                                                              First sign up email us and we will add you to your list - no   cost, no fees, no minimum order
  • You will receive an email on Friday evening with the available produce, we ask that you submit your order the following Monday by noon.  Our delivery day is Tuesday each week.   You can pick up your order at our farm. 
  • There is a $3.00 delivery charge per drop off location.  We ask that you provide a cooler for your fresh produce or we will provide a cooler at a one time per season charge of $10.00.
  • Email or call with questions. or Jeff at      513-470-7617 or Sandy at 51-720-1526.  You can elect to stop receiving weekly emails at anytime, just let us know.  
  • No sign up fee, no required order, 
  • ​Get what you want, when you want
  • ​Organic matters, shop local, know your farmer
  • Fresh from our farm to your table


For customers who understand that not all food is created equal, the Organic Farm at Bear Creek is the premier local

vegetable-based farm that grows and delivers 100% traceable certified-organic produce with an unwavering dedication to the local community, a passion for the well being of local families and the convenience of delivery, so that you can feel proud about your produce choices while contributing to the success of your community.