Pasta Sauce

Our pasta sauce is thick, chunky and made by hand, one small batch at a time.

Pasta Sauce with onion and sweet bell pepper

 $5.00 (16 oz)  $6.00  (25 oz)

Pasta Sauce with summer squash and onion 

$5.00 (16 oz)        $6.00 (25 oz)


Sweet, pure and simple jam.  Hand made in small batches with certified organic berries and  organic evaporated cane sugar

Blackberry Jam    $6.00 each (8 oz jar)

Red Raspberry Jam  $6.00 each (8 oz jar)

Mild Salsa

Made with organic tomatoes, peppers and onions.  On a scale of 1 to 10 it's a solid 3.

 $5.00 (16 oz)


While our shopping cart is under construction please email your order to or call Jeff at 513-470-7617.  We ship USPS in flat rate boxes.  Enjoy our  products made with amazing vegetables from the farm field

Frozen Soups

16 oz container  $5.00 each 

Three Bean Chili

Lentil Soup

Bean and Barley Soup

Squash Apple Soup


Vegetable - Made from a tomato base and loaded with organic vegetables; potatoes, carrots, celery, green beans, corn and onions.  $5.00  (16 oz )

Tomato Florentine - Tomatoes, celery and onion make the stock; spinach and pasta complete the soup   

$5.00  (16 oz)

Gazpacho (seasonal) Chunky tomatoes and peppers   $5.00 (16 oz)

Tomato - A hearty soup made from pureed tomatoes   $5.00  (16 oz)


Hot Salsa

Made with organic tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers and onions.  On a scale of 1 to 10 it's an 8, plenty of heat along with great tomato flavor.

​       $5.00 (16 oz)



A fantastic compliment to fresh lettuce and greens as well as a superb marinade.  $5.00 each (12 oz jar)

All Natural Vinaigrette -  Organicextra virgin cold pressed olive oil and apple cider vinegar  $5.00

Tomato- Organic tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, basil and spices $5.00

Raspberry Vinaigrette - lively, tangy and slight sweet; organic olive oil, raspberry vinegar, and spices.  $5.00